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Making Home Ownership All About You

Buying a home can be overwhelming when you’re a first-time buyer. But, we’re here to help you with the process and make sure you don’t over extend yourself.

A home is usually the single largest source of savings for Canadian households. Building equity and financial security is the number one reason for people buy homes. That’s why we advise our clients to not overextend their finances when buying their first home. We don’t want to see our clients so heavily-indebted that they have to give up things such as restaurant meals, vacations, and visits to the mall.

It’s our belief that when your dream of home ownership finally becomes reality, you should love your home and be financially comfortable.


Steps Along the Property Ladder

To give you an idea of the process involved in buying your first home, here are the steps you will go through with the help of your Realtor®:

1. Contact a mortgage broker.
2. Get pre-approval from a lender.
3. Determine where your down payment will come from.
4. Be aware of closing costs.
5. Narrow your search for the home right for you.
6. Write an offer.
7. Begin financing.
8. Arrange inspection.
9. Remove subjects and provide deposit.
10. Insurance – examine all your options, like mortgage insurance.
11. Closing.
12. Move in.
13. Change the locks!

With our Buyer’s Service Guarantee, you can be confident that the Katronis team will ensure you are satisfied with your purchase at every step of the process, and for years after your purchase is finalized.

Hi! It’s Jonathan Katronis here! The Katronis Team welcomes you. If you’re buying, selling, or just have question, you’re in good hands - we’ve been the #1 real estate team in the Fraser Valley since 2014 and have been in business since 1982 selling over 3500 homes!
Average sell time: 15 days at 98% of list price...like I said, you’re in good hands!

I welcome your contact. Reach me on my cell right now at 778.908.2350 or email me at info@teamkatronis.com

What’s the secret of our leading track record of success? We’re not just a “team” in name - when you work with us, you actually get our entire team of successful realtors working for you. That’s why we’re number one!
And now, I give you… the Katronis Team!
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